Democrat policies are destroying our economy, both nationally and right here in our Nevada!
Many Nevadans, including myself, have been able to succeed as a result of Nevada’s business
friendly environment, however, that is no longer true.

I will ensure Nevada returns to a business-friendly environment, attracts new businesses, and
allows small business to flourish.

  1. Repeal the Commerce Tax and Lower taxes for all businesses and working families
  2. Reduce regulations to help businesses thrive
  3. Create incentives for new businesses to open or move to Nevada

With everything Nevada has to offer, we should be the preeminent destination for new business!


Education crisis

As a single father, raising two kids myself, I am passionate about improving Nevada’s education;
today’s youth are ill-prepared to handle the challenges awaiting them.

The funding formula has been broken for decades; career politicians have failed the future of
our state.

I believe we can bring everyone to the table and create solutions such as:

  1. Implement school choice: the money should follow the student
  2. Reduced classroom sizes by hiring more educators and opening new schools
  3. Improve school budgets for updated books and curriculum
  4. Expand electives to reflect the career opportunities that are, and will be, in demand.

Nevada deserves a better future



The Lockdown Left used the Covid pandemic to abuse our rights and steal our freedoms; as a
result, our voter integrity and state sovereignty are being threatened!

The unprecedented government overreach has left Nevada dead last in unemployment;
damaged the growth of our children; damaged Nevada businesses and families.

As your Nevada State Senator I will lead the way back to smaller government and stronger
Constitutional rights.

We are witnessing history right before our eyes. This is the election we will remember for the
rest of our lives.

The Joshua Dowden campaign stands for freedom!

We are Nevada!



Nevada is growing and healthcare is not keeping up. We simply don’t have enough hospitals, trauma centers, doctors, or nurses. Costs are out of control and Nevadans are dying.

  1. Create incentives for medical professionals to stay in Nevada and open new practices
  2. Combat the opioid crisis
  3. Encourage competition to bring medical costs down