I am passionate about education: I feel that today’s youth are ill-prepared to handle the challenges that await them. The funding formula needs to be fixed and our students need to be prepared for the challenges that await them. I believe that we can bring everyone to the table and create solutions such as:

  1. Reduce classroom sizes by hiring more educators and opening new schools
  2. Improve school budgets for updated books and curriculum
  3. Expand electives to reflect the career opportunities that are, and will be, in demand


Nevada is growing and healthcare is not keeping up. We simply don’t have enough hospitals, trauma centers, doctors, or nurses. Costs are out of control and Nevadans are dying.

  1. Create incentives for medical professionals to stay in Nevada and open new practices
  2. Combat the opioid crisis
  3. Encourage competition to bring medical costs down.


My family and so many Nevadans have been able to succeed because of Nevada’s relatively friendly business environment, but slowly that is starting to change. We need to ensure that Nevada remains a business-friendly environment that attracts new businesses and allows small businesses to flourish.

  1. Lower taxes for businesses and working families
  2. Reduce regulations for businesses to thrive
  3. Create incentives for new businesses to open or move to Nevada

Public Safety

Radicals are trying to make us less safe with measures such as ‘Defunding the Police’. Our Police resources are stretched thin as is. Longer 911 response times will cost us lives. As a father and as a citizen I will not allow our safety to be compromised.

  1. Ensure Nevada Law Enforcement has state of the art equipment.
  2. Obtain proper funding for increased officer training and more officers on the streets; the research is clear that this will lead to safer neighborhoods and increased officer accountability
  3. Stop radical measures that will make us less safe like ‘Defunding the Police’